As a safety partner, EMTSNY is always perceptive to the needs of our competitors, the environment, and any potential hazards. Since becoming part of our team, they managed to not only deal with dangerous situations, but limit the exposure of possible threats presented to our competitors and staff.

I’ve always put a premium on reliability among our staff and EMTSNY never failed to deliver. As an example, EMTSNY never causes a delay, and there is only a limited pause in competition while providing EMS services to my competitors. My events always start on time with proper EMS staffing. In motorsports, situations change like the weather, and often with the weather. EMTSNY is always able to accommodate our needs and provide excellent care.

EMTSNY is always a delight to work with, and we would hire them again without hesitation.

As a personal note, this group has gone above and beyond the scope of their work to ensure the safety and success of Caroga Creek Racepark. They have provided their individual skills outside of their contracted services to help improve in areas where we needed advice. I have come to know them as more than just a service provider, but a crucial part of what Caroga Creek Racepark is and what we will become. They will go above and beyond.

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Tom Varin

Tom Varin

We were extremely pleased with the services provided by EMTSNY. Peter and Adam were incredibly professional, reliable, and diligent every step of the way. We were particularly impressed with their staff’s ability to connect with children, and they were always positive contributors to our community. They demonstrated flexibility when our staffing needs shifted, and I always felt confident that they were providing the best care possible. We are so grateful that EMTSNY joined our team this summer!

Emily Dobmeier | Camp and Festival Director

Emily Dobmeier