Welcome to EMTSNY!

EMTSNY is a small and professional organization comprised of first responders with varying level of experience and a strong will to perform excellently in the services we provide.

Our strong and knowledgeable leaders in conjunction with their years of service facilitate an environment of learning and professional growth in our staff allowing them to fulfill our mission to provide exceptional services to our clients.

We are a proud customer and distributor of NAR and Meret supplies.

Our experience

Our experience can be quantified in 4 categories:

Years of Service

Emergency Services 40Years
Professional Conferences 20Years
Instruction 10Years
Consulting 10Years

Principles of our work


EMTSNY always maintains a professional atmosphere while servicing our clients and customers.


EMTSNY team members take pride in knowing exactly what is needed and when in any situation. We always “hit the mark” when it comes to patient care or event services.


The EMTSNY membership maintains their ability to utilize multiple skillsets as they are needed both in the field and office.


The EMTSNY membership is service-oriented and willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill or exceed agreed-upon expectations at any event, training, or service.

Our specialization

We specialize in Emergency Management and training to gather and lead future first responders into potential careers serving their community.


Event EMS Staffing

We staff large and small events to accommodate the potential need for first aid or emergency first response services.

Agency Staffing

We assist EMS agencies with staffing when needed to facilitate emergency care when needed.

First Aid/CPR Training

First Aid/CPR training are among the basic set of courses every individual should take. Our co-founder and training coordinator, Adam Fink handles all training requests.


We assist agency heads and staff with coordinating their first response services and supplies to be prepared for any situation.


We sell a wide range of North American Rescue and Meret supplies to stock any agency or event staff with the necessary gear to do the job.

MCI, CRASE, and EVOC Training

Our training coordinator, Adam Fink, will lead you through Multiple Casualty Incident training, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event training, and the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course.

Our clients

Our clients have a lot to say! Check out our testimonials section!