Michael Badger (aka Badger) has been active in the fire service since 2016 when he became an active volunteer with the South Schenectady Fire Department (Rotterdam District 6).  Michael rose to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, an entry level leadership role, to expand his knowledge base and experience within the fire service. After marrying the love of his life and buying a family home across town, Michael left South Schenectady and joined the Carman Fire Department (Rotterdam District 3) where he currently responds as a Seargent. Michael is also an appointed member of the District 3 Board of Fire Commissioners.

Professionally, Michael is an incredibly talented information technologist who works for the New York State Office of Information Technology Services and has been instrumental in providing service during the COVID-19 pandemic at various testing and vaccination sites.  A consummate professional, Badger is well known for comprehensive and forward thinking responses to user complaints.

As a key leader within EMTS NY, Badger works directly with the partners on the internet presence and technological advances of the company.  Badger’s forward thinking, consumer driven and balanced approach to the company’s technology have made him an amazing asset to the company and the development of our future.  It is truly an honor to have Badger on our team!