Diversity in background, technical and clinical, brings Gabby to EMTS NY.  Bringing her strength in emergency response, Gabby has been a strength on the go-kart track at Caroga Creek as she has an excellent approach with both pediatric and adult drivers enduring trauma.  Quick to assess and determine the best pathway forward, Gabby has made her presence known for effective care and communication with both patients and providers.

Gabby’s interests do not just include human health as she has a strong affinity for our furry friends while pursuing her degree to become a veterinary technician.  Gabby has demonstrated strong leadership and capabilities working with all living creatures.  Gabby’s sense of compassion has helped her in her efforts at EMTS NY.

Serving at the Duanesburg Volunteer Ambulance Corps has shown Gabby’s leadership outside of patient care.  She has shown great capability managing the roster for a hybrid response Corps and has dedicated time to not only improving the scheduling system but also the processes used for reporting.

Gabby not only staffs EMTS NY events, she also serves as our Director of Guest Relations.  Bringing her clinical, administrative and compassion together, Gabby helps guide our conference and registration services.  In this role, Gabby strives to make the process effective, easy and efficient so that as many answers as possible may be provided immediately and help ensure a positive EMTS NY experience.